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SH-2G(E) Helicopter ASW/ASuW Tactics and Training

Project Details
The objectives of this three (3) phase project are to develop tactical guidance, classroom curricula, and provide in-country training for SH-2G(E) Super Sea Sprite helicopters purchased from the US government under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program to complement Egyptian Air Force (EAF) defense capabilities. MAI was the prime contractor, specifically requested by the Egyptian Armaments Authority to develop the 600-page Tactical Reference Manual and Tactical Aid (TACAID, for in-flight use), three (3) week course, and provide six (6) weeks of on-site training for the EAF.

The fundamentals and tactics developed by the MAI team are tailored to the systems installed on the SH-2G(E), including knowledge of host platforms for the SH-2G(E), such as the Egyptian Navy Knox and Perry-class frigates. Acoustic and RF fundamentals, environmental and mission planning, and command and control concepts are also addressed. These concepts provide the foundation needed to effectively execute the Anti-submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-surface Warfare (ASuW) tactics MAI developed for EAF SH-2G(E) missions. The fundamentals developed by the MAI team are derived from open sources, and the mission planning and tactics modules are scientifically-derived using the latest underwater acoustic modeling technology.

In March and October 2015, four (4) members of the MAI team, including MAI’s CEO, Mr. Clayton Spikes, and Senior Engineer, Mr. Mark Wilson, provided in-country tactics training to EAF pilots, co-pilots, and sensor operators for ASW and ASuW operations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and northern Red Sea. The graphic shows the helicopter with its dipping sonar.

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