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Office of Naval Research (ONR) Support Services

Programmatic, Technical, Financial, and Administrative Services to the Office of Naval Research, Ocean Battlespace and Expeditionary Access Department

Project Description
This project provides the Office of Naval Research (ONR) with programmatic, technical, financial and administrative services in support of the Ocean Battlespace and Expeditionary Access Department which is responsible for Navy and Marine Corps science and technology in ocean and meteorological science, undersea warfare, mine warfare, space technology, and marine mammal mitigations. The Ocean Battlespace and Expeditionary Access Department is composed of two divisions: the Ocean Sensing and Systems Application Division, and the Ocean-Atmosphere and Space Research Division.

The objective of this project is to provide highly qualified personnel to perform functions separated into two general categories of support: Technical Program Support and Financial Program Support. To meet this objective, MAI provides expert technical and financial support for program initiatives and on-going science and technology portfolios. Technical, financial, and operational expertise provided under this project supports all areas within the department’s science and technology investment areas and research levels to include basic, applied, and advanced research. MAI’s goal is to provide highly-skilled, technical, financial, and administrative staff while supporting ONR’s mission of planning, fostering, and encouraging scientific research in recognition of its paramount importance as related to the maintenance of future naval power, and the preservation of national security.