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MAI Rhode Island

The Middletown office is MAI’s primary engineering support and technology office as well as the lead office for environmental research efforts. This office is also MAI’s business center for all administrative activities and contract management. It is located in proximity to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, , and the University of Rhode Island.

To schedule a VTC meeting for PEO IWS 5 related work, please contact Jessique Gunn at 401-848-2997 moc.s1638216784citsu1638216784ocaen1638216784iram@1638216784nnug.1638216784euqis1638216784sej1638216784

MAI Virginia

The Arlington office is primarily responsible for MAI’s Navy programmatic support programs, FMS training programs, and environmental assessment work. It is located in proximity to all Navy and Marine Corps headquarters, including the Chief of Naval Operations and Navy Systems Commands, the Pentagon, the Office of Naval Research, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Naval Research Laboratory, NOAA Headquarters, and the National Marine Fisheries Service in Silver Spring, Maryland.

MAI Connecticut

The Gales Ferry, CT office is MAI’s newest location and is strategically located by the Naval Submarine Base New London.  The office primarily supports the US Navy in Undersea Superiority projects for Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems 5.0 with the Advanced Development Program for Sonar, Tactical, Payload Control, and Electronic Warfare system improvements.  Additionally, the team supports the development of Acoustic Tactical Decision Aids for Submarines, Surface Ships and Theater Watch Floors.  The team works closely with representatives from the Undersea Warfighting Development Center, Naval Research Laboratory-Stennis Space Center, the Naval Oceanographic Office and the Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command as well as numerous developers of software solutions.

To schedule a VTC meeting for PEO IWS 5 related work, please contact Shannon McGuckin at 860-609-9933 moc.s1638216784citsu1638216784ocaen1638216784iram@1638216784nikcu1638216784gcm.n1638216784onnah1638216784s1638216784

Media & General Inquiries

For specific requests or to inquire about Marine Acoustics, Inc. products or services, please contact:
Phone: 401-847-7508
Email: moc.s1638216784citsu1638216784ocaen1638216784iram@1638216784ofni1638216784

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