MAI awarded SBIR Phase I funding for the initial development of an Intelligent Assistance for Anti-Submarine Warfare

MAI has been awarded a six-month Phase I SBIR for $140,000 to develop a feasibility study for an Intelligent Assistant for Anti-Submarine Warfare. Along with our new partners at Clarifai, we will be creating the SONAR Engagement Naval Systems Enhancing Intelligence (SENSEI) utilizing AI to bring together environmental information from the on-board tactical decision aid (TDA), in-situ, real-time assessment of the environment, and machine-learning algorithms to provide operators situational awareness regarding key parameters such as primary propagation path(s), bearing-dependent complications (such as sea mounts that might obscure threats), significant topology features into which a threat might retreat to minimize detection, best tactical waveforms, and situational best practices to enable operators to maximize the potential of the tactical sonar suite for the specific conditions present at that time and location. SENSEI will have a significant analysis component but will also have a direct interface with the operator through additional display elements.  In addition to realizing performance gains of at least 25% on active sonar detection, active sonar classification, active sonar tracking and end-to-end metrics relative to naïve employment of the system, this will enhance affordability by reducing the training time needed to realize a given level of operational performance. Read More