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MAI is a global scientific and engineering company providing a diverse set of government, corporate and international clients with a broad spectrum of consulting and engineering services. Our areas of expertise include a full range of environmental compliance services, undersea warfare design, test and evaluation services, marine environmental compliance, sea test planning and support, all supported by an award winning and internationally recognized research and development program.

MAI Scientist to Kick-off Webinar Series on Underwater Acoustics for the International Regulatory Community

November 13, 2015
MAI’s Vice President of Environmental Programs, Dr. Kathleen Vigness-Raposa, will kick-off the first webinar in a five-part series on underwater sound, specifically designed to aid International regulators and other government decision-makers. As co-PI of the Discovery of Sound in the Sea project (, Dr. Vigness-Raposa will present on sound movement/propagation and the different methods for measuring and reporting underwater sound levels. She will be followed by Dr. James H. Miller, University of Rhode Island, who will talk about ambient noise measurements and noise budgets.
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MAI Scientists Measure Construction Noise from First Offshore U.S. Wind Farm

September 2015
MAI’s Vice President of Environmental Programs, Dr. Kathleen Vigness-Raposa, and Staff Scientist, Jennifer L. Giard, are part of the team of researchers measuring the underwater sound created by the pile-driving phase of construction of the first offshore wind farm in the United States. By towing a horizontal array of hydrophones along a transect away from the pile-driving activity, they hope to address the question of where the sound transitions from high intensity, short duration signals to low intensity, long duration signals, which has implications for its potential impact on marine life.
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MAI Scientists Support Marine Mammal Studies In Southern California Bight

MAI’s CEO, Clayton Spikes, was responsible for providing the Fleet Test Plan and Concept of Operations documentation for the Navy combatants involved in Behavioral Response Study (BRS)-15 (part of SOCAL-15). MAI Senior Scientist Mark Wilson, a retired Navy senior chief sonar technician, was the Unit Coordinator who rode each ship during their week-long BRS-15 project activities.
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Environmental Services Naval Systems Support Research & Development

MAI has played a major role in developing the tools needed to support the rapidly growing field of marine environmental management. MAI pioneered the first global environmental impact statement on the impact of low frequency sound on the marine environment. Today MAI provides environmental support service to US and foreign government agencies as well as a variety of commercial entities. Learn More

MAI’s Naval Technology & Training Support staff provides a high level of expertise and experience in all aspects of naval systems design, development, test and evaluation, and training services. We provide support to a wide range of system development programs including, airborne, surface and submarine applications. This support is based on years of experience in both operations and training. Learn More

MAI is a world leader in the development of a wide range of engineering and scientific models in support of both naval systems development and environmental engineering and science issues. We are a major recipient of prestigious SBIR, STTR, and NOPP awards, often teamed with prestigious universities and research laboratories. Publications by MAI’s senior scientific staff are widely published in peer reviewed journals, and invited speakers at international forums and educational workshops. Learn More