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JIP - Effects of Industry Sounds on Marine Animals

Project Description
Dr. Ellison has been a key advisor to the JIP’s (Joint Industry Programme) New Research Programme on the Effects of Industry Sounds on Marine Animals since its inception in 2006. He currently serves on its External Advisory Panel, and is also a member of the Metrics Subcommittee.

The programme, which began in May 2006, focuses on sounds that are produced during the exploration and production (E & P) phases of offshore oil and gas operations and the effects these sounds may have on marine animals. The funding, a commitment of US $5 Million per year for a minimum of three years, were provided by oil and gas companies and trade associations acting as partners in what is called a Joint Industry Programme (JIP). All these companies are members of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) which will let the programme’s research contracts from London.

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