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Office of Naval Research Acoustic Technology Experiment (ONR-ATE)

Project Description
The Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR) Acoustic Technology Experiment (ATE) Project provides a comprehensive scientific, operational and logistic umbrella for experimental testing and demonstration of Littoral Anti-Submarine Warfare (LASW) Future Naval Capability (FNC) technologies. Consolidation of at-sea demonstration and testing brings expertise in coordination and fleet liaison, while affording economies of scale in testing, demonstration and use of scarce Navy Fleet assets. The ONR ATE mission is to robustly test and demonstrate technologies to ensure transition to acquisition programs and to provide test and demonstration opportunities for other Science and Technologies (S&T) / Research and Development (R&D) Littoral ASW-related projects. ONR ATE Project measures and analyzes the performance and effectiveness of new and improved systems and technologies under new ONR LASW FNC projects and those developed during the former Littoral Warfare Advanced Development (LWAD) at-sea field testing and demonstration program. This work is fundamental and essential to the build-test-build process followed in the development of ONR LASW FNC systems and sensors. Measurement and analysis of performance and effectiveness is performed during the intermediate stages of testing in the build-test-build cycle and during the final stage of demonstration to confirm that products are ready for transition to acquisition programs.

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