Contracting with MAI

MAI supports the following contracting vehicles:
- SeaPort-e

For inquiries please contact:
Kenneth R. Graf, Contracts Manager
Phone: 401-847-7508
Email: Ken.Graf AT

MAI Quality Assurance Program

MAI's Quality Policy

"We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services available. We anticipate customer's needs and strive for zero defects every time a MAI product or service is used. We will accomplish this through team work and integrating principles of quality in design manufacturing and customer service."

MAI's Quality System

The Team's Senior Technical Representative (STR), Mr. Clayton Spikes, ensures strict adherence to the MAI Quality Assurance (QA) process, which produces and/or updates TO documents efficiently and with high quality.   Mr. Spikes will select a Lead Analyst/Senior Engineer to head up the development/production of each deliverable.   The Lead Analyst/Senior Engineer will review the task requirements with the government Principal Investigator (PI) and the STR, including time, specification, and delivery dates, and will commence the task's accomplishment.   Tasks will be reviewed on a weekly basis.   If an existing TO document is to be updated, every effort will be made to develop change pages, or pen-and-ink change narrative, in order to minimize cost.   If a more extensive update is required, the first objective is to determine the availability of existing word processing files/disks and compatibility.   The same process is followed for production if the MAI Team is required to develop a new TO document.   At this time, adjustments in priorities will be made, and work assignments shifted, if required, in order to ensure that task accomplishments and CDRL delivery dates are met.

The MAI Quality Control (QC) process, a subset of the QA process, promotes quality control checkpoints.   The quality of MAI Team products delivered to the government is of paramount importance.   This checklist is a mandatory requirement for all MAI Team deliverables.   A series of QC checkpoints will be used to ensure built-in quality as a product proceeds toward delivery.   Activity taking place at each checkpoint includes:

  • Generate a unique QC checklist.   Document Specialist performs automated spell check;
  • Technical review and revisions by the Lead Analyst/Senior Engineer;
  • Verification by the Lead Analyst/Senior Engineer that revisions have been incorporated, format has been checked, and final proofreading accomplished.   QC checklist has been completed at this point;
  • Final review and accuracy check in meeting task requirements along with a final review of the QC checklist by the MAI STR.