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About MAI

MAI is a global scientific and engineering company providing a diverse set of government, corporate and international clients with a broad range of consulting and engineering services. Our areas of expertise include a full range of environmental compliance services, undersea warfare design, test and evaluation services, marine environmental compliance, sea test planning and support, all supported by an award winning and internationally recognized research and development program.

MAI’s approach to developing solutions to our clients needs is based on a high level of staff expertise and experience in the marine environment and defense related programs. MAI has been at the forefront of the development of technology and support services for the emerging needs of global environmental issues for both government and industry, with senior staff leading many of the latest technological and research initiatives, including authorship of benchmark publications.

Technical staff members hold advanced degrees in all aspects of engineering, biology and environmental science, and serve on numerous national and international advisory committees. Our research and development programs have made MAI a leader in the receipt of contract awards under both the SBIR and STTR programs. We are also a leader in modeling of the marine environment. Our expertise is further leveraged by long established teaming relationships with a number of the world’s leading universities and research laboratories, including Cornell Lab of Ornithology, APL Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, and University of California Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara.

MAI’s has regional offices in Arlington, VA; Middletown, RI and Portsmouth, NH.

William T. Ellison, Ph.D., Founder

As Chief Scientist of Marine Acoustics, Inc., Dr. Ellison has established MAI as a principal contributor in a wide range of engineering and scientific efforts. MAI serves as the primary test and at-sea evaluation agent for a number of the Navy's key development programs for surface, submarine and air ASW systems. He served as a primary scientific advisor for two of the Navy’s most extensive multi-year research programs, the Critical Sea Test and Low Frequency Active programs.

MAI has also played a major role in the Navy's research program with regard to whale behavioral research and acoustic environmental issues. Since 1996 MAI has been at the forefront of environmental noise issues in the ocean, helping design and implement experimental plans to investigate these issues as well as formulate new national standards in this rapidly emerging field.

Recognized as a leading expert in theoretical modeling of acoustic processes, he has developed numerous computer-based models in active use by the US Navy including the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) high frequency target strength model and the first elastic resonance model for mines. Based on his extensive field experience in the high Arctic, he developed the NUWC high frequency under-ice acoustic scattering model. Most recently he has authored the Acoustic Integration Model© (AIM), a state-of-the-art real-time virtual model for assessing the net impact of sound from a variety of sources (moving or stationary) on a dynamic population of marine wildlife. This model can be adapted to any sound source, but was originally designed for high-powered low frequency sound sources with the potential to transmit over long distances. AIM is recognized by NOAA/NMFS as an acceptable methodology for environmental assessments, and is the primary analysis tool for numerous environmental investigations as well as two National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) awards in 2007 and 2008 where MAI is teamed with Cornell University and The University of South Florida respectively.

In 2013 Dr. Ellison resigned as CEO to focus on research work as the MAI Chief Scientist.

MAI Management

Thomas N. Stewart, President, Director of Undersea Warfare Services (Resume)

William T. Ellison, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Scientist (Resume)

Kathleen J. Vigness Raposa, Ph.D., Director of Environmental Services (Resume)

Patricia Gomes, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Administration

Kenneth Graf, Director of Contracts